The Aptera 2e Production Model

Aptera unveiled their full production version of their 2e electric car yesterday, it differs from the concept vehicle in a number of small ways, you might notice the nose is a little different and there are now clear fit-lines between body panels as well as windows that wind down (handy for drive throughs) the front wheel covers are also a little less streamlined now, taking on an almost “lifted off a caravan” look. Aptera has picked up 9.8 million in private funding so far but company CEO Paul Wilbur openly admits that the company needs a significant amount of additional funding, they have applied for a $184 million loan from the US Department of Energy but are still awaiting what will most likely be the decision that makes or breaks the company.

The aerodynamic electric car is one of two versions that Aptera hope to offer with the other being a range extended hybrid that uses a small onboard gasoline engine to generate electricity when the lithium-ion battery is tapped out of electrons. Aptera are planning to enter the 2e into the Automotive X Prize later this year and all eyes will be on them to gauge the performance of their streamlined flagship model. Pricing is set to be between $25,000 and $40,000 USD depending on configuration with a release date set to be either 2011 or 11 months after Aptera receives additional funding.

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Aptera 2e Specifications
53″ high x 91.0″ wide x 173″ long
111″ wheelbase
80.5″ front track
Other specs:
0.15 Coefficient of drag
5″ ground clearance
1500 lbs curb weight
Electric motor torque: 60FtLb torque
110v 15A charge time: 8 hrs
Battery output: 10-13 Kw/hr battery pack
Battery voltage: 336V DC Nominal Traction Voltage
Transmission: Gearbox 10:1 ratio
Battery Type: Lithium Ion Phosphate
Front Suspension: Independent unequal length A-arm
Rear Suspension: Swing Arm
Steering: Manual Steering, tilt steering column
Brakes: Manual Brakes, dual circuit brake hydraulics, mechanical brake proportioning, 3-wheel disc
Wheels: 14-inch High Strength Stamped Steel wheels
Size: P165/65R14
Range: Up to 100 miles per charge
Basic: 4/50,000
Powertrain: 4/50,000
Corrosion: 12/unlimited
Roadside: 4/50,000
Via Wired

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I agreed with the four wheeler statement. Would need it for better handling.

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