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The Volkswagen Electric Bik.e

No, that isn’t a typo it’s called the “Bik.e” although we’re unsure how you would pronounce that out loud. It’s made by Volkswagen (XETRA: VOW.DE)¬†and it folds up in a remarkably clever and efficient manner (read: German manner) into something that fits into the spare tire well of your car. The Bik.e features a nifty in-frame lithium-ion battery pack that powers a hub motor on the rear wheel. The range is Lanjut →

Fisker Automotive – The Karma and Project Nina

Fisker have been hard at work behind the scenes, locking down over half a billion dollars in DoE funding plus an additional $115 million in private sector funding so far this year. They are reportedly on track to begin sales of their Fisker Karma luxury hybrid later this year and with a pre-order book already 1,600 names long it seems they’ll have no shortage of customers. They are having the first generation of Karma sedans built by Valmet in Finland (they build Porsche Boxters as well) and they’re targeting 15,000 units per year in global sales, a number which most industry analysts expect to Lanjut →

Tesla Promises That New Models Are Coming Soon(ish)

Elon Musk, the uniquely named CEO of Tesla Motors, took the time to reassure investors and potential customers last Thursday that Tesla is working on more than just the Model S that is due to hit the road in 2012. With the current model, the Tesla Roadster due to cease production in 2012, many have wondered whether the team at Tesla had anything else up their sleeves, Musk put this speculation to rest by explaining that they are working on a crossover vehicle and a Lanjut →

BYD Electric Cars Coming To The US

BYD are a Chinese car company with serious global aspirations and after recently signing on with Daimler AG (NYSE:DAI) to co-develop electric vehicles, no one is doubting their potential. Warren Buffet came onboard in late 2008, buying up a 10% stake in BYD worth $230 million USD, largely due to their enviable chinese market share and to a lesser extent due to their development of electric vehicles that may be heading to Europe and the USA sooner rather than later. BYD has been the toast of the international business community so far in 2010 having been ranked as the 8th most innovative company in the world by Lanjut →

Nissan Leaf Pre-Orders Exceed Expectations

The Nissan Leaf is proving the validity of the electric car market by becoming one of the most hotly pre-ordered cars in production. The total pre-orders in the USA and Japan currently total 20% of the Leafs (yes, surprisingly that is the correct plural) first production run, many are hoping that this is going to open the somewhat sluggish eyes of the automotive industry and result in a boost of 100% electric cars over the next few years. Lanjut →

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