The Seat IBE

Seat, not wanting to be left out of the electric car party that was the 2010 Geneva Motorshow, has announced that they will put the Seat IBE into full production. The 2+2 sports hatchback looks set to compete with the Golf GTi, Alfa Romeo Giulietta and other hot hatches currently enjoying huge popularity across Europe due to their remarkable fuel economy combined with unflinching driving performance. Seat has enjoyed success in both the world of rallying and touring cars over the past 15 years or so and these racing genes are clearly present in the IBE.

The 100% electric drive vehicle features an 18KwH lithium-ion battery system and an electric drive system producing 75Kw (100hp) and a torque rating of 200Nm, we think that Seat is going to have to boost both the battery capacity and Kw power of the motor in order to be competitive as a 0-60 time of 10 seconds just isn’t going to cut it for most of the IBE’s potential clients. They get top marks for styling though, this is almost exactly what we hoped cars of the future would look like when we were kids, so kudos to the design team.

Seat IBE Specifications

Power – 75Kw (100hp)

Battery System – 18Kwh Lithium-ion

Torque – 200Nm

Seating – 2+2

0-60 – ~10 seconds

Cost – Unannounced

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Love the design, not sure about the colour but I guess that is a variable. Defo need to boost the HP!

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