The 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid

Ford has been a driving force in the global automotive industry since Henry rolled the first T-model off of the production line back in 1908 and interestingly was also the only major US auto manufacturer to not require a tax-payer-funded multi-billion dollar payout in order to avoid bankruptcy, Ford stood on it’s own two feet through the whole mess and quietly hammered away at it’s 2010 model line, including of course, the Fusion Hybrid.

The Fusion Hybrid is (sadly) not a plug-in hybrid so all your electric power will be generated by gasoline one way or the other, the sedan does feature a highly effective regenerative braking system as well an interesting “flex fuel” system that allows you to run on either gasoline or E85 gasoline/ethanol fuel or any blend of the two. The Fusion has a range of 700 miles and an impressive EPA-estimated 41 City/36 Highway mile per gallon fuel economy rating with a top speed in pure electric vehicle mode of 47 miles per hour.

Realistically, Ford is going to need to revise their current hybrid car platform to allow full plug-hybrid capabilities along with a lithium-ion battery system (in place of the current 1.3Kw/hr NiMH system) although they have already announced they are doing this time is of the essence as more and more it appears that history will look back on 2010 as the year that the paradigm shift from gasoline to electric cars officially began, after all to many false starts.

Ford Fusion Hybrid Specifications and Price

Base Price – $27,950 USD
Drivetrain – Front Wheel Drive
Curb Weight – 3720(lbs)
City – 41(MPG)
Hwy – 36(MPG)
Horsepower – 156 @ 6000rpm
Torque – 136(lb-ft) @ 2250rpm
Wheelbase – 107.4 inches
Length – 190.6 inches
Width – 80.1 inches
Height – 56.9 inches

Via Ford

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