The MotoCzysz 2010 E1PC

Michael Czysz, owner of MotoCzysz (for the non-Eastern Europeans, it’s pronounced MotoSizz), is tranforming the burgeoning electric motorcycle industry with stunning bikes like the 2010 EP1C pictured above. Up there with Mission Motors, Brammo and Zero Motorcycles, MotoCzysz is revelling in the brave new world of electric motorbikes and the rule-free world that comes with it. I only wish that electric racing series like the TTXGP would only allow entry to teams that sign on to produce a minimum number of road legal machines for sale to the general public as a way to drum up support and interest in the electric motorcycle as a viable choice vs the gasoline counterpart.

If you’re keen to build your own, MotoCzysz is part of the Fill The Grid program whereby you can purchase the chassis and drive train, this is handy for people who would like to join the TTXGP but have insufficient funds for the R+D required. Although $32,500USD will hold back all but the most enthusiastic eMoto enthusiasts.

The 2010 TTXGP kicks off in May in San Francisco and should be a hell of an event, check back with us for detailed coverage!

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MotoCzysz Electric D1g1tal Dr1ve System Specifications

Model IPM LQ 75kW
Voltage 240V+
Power 75kW/100hp (continuous)
Torque 250+ft/lbs/340+Nm continuous
Weight 77lbs/35kg (complete with pump and plates/mounts)
Diameter 254mm/10”
Width 190mm/7.5”
Cooling liquid (oil)
Efficiency 93% (under continuous load at 2X 70c operating temp)
Voltage 240V
Current 335A
Power 85kWh
Weight 17lbs/7.7kg
LxWxH 335x205x90mm/13.2×8.0x3.5”
Cooling Liquid (water)
Efficiency 95%
Battery Pack (individual)
Voltage 29.6V (nominal)
Capacity 40Ah
Weight 17.5 lbs/8kg
Energy Storage 1.25kWh (1.2kWh nominal)
Discharge 10c peak
High Voltage direct contact to bus
Low Voltage Data Link via infrared
Hot Swap yes
Voltage Monitoring yes
Thermal Monitoring yes
Digital Status Readout yes
Alarm Status LEDs yes
Total ESS
Voltage 240V
Capacity 40ah
Weight 140lbs (17.5lbs X 8) /63.5kg
Energy Storage 10kWh (9.6kWh nominal)
Complete eDD System
Total Weight 255lbs/115kg
Total Length 635mm/25”
Total Width 320mm/12.5”
Total Height 675mm/26.5”

Via MotoCzysz

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