The EMXGP – Moved to October

The organisers behind the upcoming and highly anticipated EMXGP racing series have announced that they’ll be bumping the start of the season to mid-October 2010 in Barcelona, the initial inaugural race was set for Paris in June. The reason is said to be that the electric car builders need a little more time on their vehicles, this is understandable and I am sure there are many out there who would rather see an impressive race in October than a race fraught with breakdowns and non-staters in June.

The EMXGP organisers released an official statement (below) and have also mentioned that the Zero Carbon Transport Conference will be hosted in Barcelona on October 19th/20th, obviously this is great timing as the city will be inundated with zero-emissions industry professionals, probably as good a starting point as any to show off the technologies developed for the electric car racing series.

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Official EMXGP Press Release

EMXGP will be launched in October 2010 within the city of BARCELONA!

After extensive research conducted by EMXGP, we are pleased to be able to share with you the revised date and venue for the launch of EMXGP 2010. Barcelona will host EMXGP 2010 on October 16th/17th. This date allows teams to have more development and practise time before taking the roads and it delivers on our promise to build a city road race for zero carbon vehicles to demonstrate going green doesn’t mean racing slow! This exciting event will herald a new start for car racing and will kick off a week of activities surrounding sustainable technological development both on and off the road.

EMXGP will be complemented with a Zero Carbon Transport Conference hosted in Barcelona on October 19th/20th to explore the various dimensions of our industry and more. This is will be unique global gathering of experts, enthusiasts and industry to share ideas, explore solutions and make new partners. Building bridges between international communities to share ideas and debate potential solutions to the looming energy crisis as well as examine developments that could affect how we all live.

The final event will be the TTXGP Grand Final in Albacete on Oct 23rd/24th. This rounds off 9 days of intense, epic and tangible racing for the future, both on and off the track.

So there we have it, eGrandPrix Spain 2010, is set to be the largest gathering in motorsport history for zero carbon racing. eGrandPrix Spain 2010 is the platform to show what the very best of motorsport can do in delivering meaningful and timely solutions to the challenges we face both as an industry and as contributors to the environment.

Full details of the conference, ticketing, sponsorship opportunities will be announced shortly. The rules will be published shortly but like the TTXGP, they will be focused on safety and will allow innovation and the freedom to innovate and create the best racing experience as possible.

More details will be forthcoming over the coming days and week as we co-ordinate with our delivery partners, but we are proud to let you have an invitation to be part of the next chapter of motorsport. You will not want to miss this party.

EMXGP 2010, October 16/17, 2010 Barcelona – Spain
Zero Carbon Conference 2010, October 19/20, 2010 Barcelona – Spain
TTXGP Grand Final/UEM 2010, October 23/24, 2010 Albacete – Spain


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