The Wally Hermes WHY 58×38 Solar Yacht

In a sure sign the the world economy is slowly recovering from the quagmire of the past year or so the unfortunately named luxury yacht builders “Wally” have teamed up, somewhat inexplicably, with middle-aged-rich-lady-scarf-builders Hermes. The product of this unusual pairing is the above pictured floating-island-solar-yacht named “Wally WHY 58×38″. Yes that is it’s actual name.

In a press release, Pierre-Alexis Dumas, Artistic Director of Hermès said: “The WHY 58X38 yacht looks very unfamiliar but it remains on a human scale. Space is the greatest luxury on the sea, but I believe the new luxury will be the time to enjoy it.” Although they sound very keen to get this thing actually built and see if it floats, they have not yet had an order and without one the WHY 58×38 will remain in model form only. That said, with something this unique, it is only a matter of time before a Russian billionaire or Saudi prince decides that he needs one in his quiver of super yachts and drops the estimated $160 million clams on it.

The Wally Hermes WHY 58×38 Solar Yacht Specifications

  • 38 Metres Wide
  • 58 Metres Long
  • 900+ Square Metres of Photovoltaic Cells (Solar Panels)
  • Interior Design by Hermes
  • 25 Metre Indoor Swimming Pool
  • 36 Metres Aft-Deck Bench
  • Diesel Electric Hybrid Propulsion System

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Via Luxist and BYMNews

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