The Rolls Royce Ghost Hybrid

The Rolls Royce Ghost, an ever so slightly smaller Rolls than the venerable Phantom, will be offered with a hybrid drivetrain starting in 2011. The gas/electric hybrid will not be capable of plugging in to charge which is a shame, largely due to the lack of effective battery storage space at just 0.6kW/h of lithium-ion goodness. The Ghost Hybrid will be based around the 2010 BMW ActiveHybrid 7 platform, meaning it has been tried and tested about as thoroughly as you can test a vehicle platform.

It is expected that the Ghost will go for a tad more than the $245,000USD sticker price of the non-hybrid model, although in cities like London, where there is a congestion charge for vehicles except those that are fully electric or hybrid electric, the Ghost might be a solid option for that penny pinching CEO.

Rolls Royce Ghost Hybrid Specifications

6.2-litre V12 563bhp, 575lb ft petrol engine

20kW/155lb ft electric motor

0.6kW/h lithium-ion battery pack

0-60mph in 4.7 seconds

Electronically limited top speed of 155 MPH

Estimated 20.8 MPG

Via AutoCar and Rolls Royce


It will be great to see important and influential people in such cars… It will give hybrids and EVs a new face.

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