The Kia Ray

Kia, the little car company that could, recently unveiled its Kia Ray concept vehicle. With 20 inch wheels and a solar cell imbued roof the concept is quite something to look at, using the same essential shape as the Prius and Leaf, an aerodynamic must for reasons of efficiency, the Ray makes intelligent use of solar cells to partially recharge the batteries, the Ray also features regenerative braking and plug-in capabilities. Using it’s litium-ion battery array the Ray can travel 50 mile on a full charge and is the capable of using the built in gasoline engine to travel a total range of 750 miles. If Kia can produce the Ray for the same or a slightly lower price point than the Prius/Leaf/Volt cars they will almost certainly find themselves a significant niche in the eco-green-car market.


Length 173.2 inches / 4,400 mm
Width 72.8 inches / 1,850 mm
Height 53.5 inches / 1,360 mm
Wheelbase 106.3 inches / 2,700 mm
Tyres 195/50 R20 low-rolling resistance
1.4-liter Gamma 153-hp GDI engine /
78kw electric motor

Transmission CVT/ fixed ratio
Batteries Lithium-ion polymer
Top Speed 109 mph
Fuel Economy (Pure HEV Mode)
77.6 mpg
Fuel Economy (Plug-in HEV Mode) 202.3 mpg
Vehicle Range 746 miles
Cd 0.25
Steering By-wire

Press Release

As Governments and motorists keep up the interest levels in an electric-car future Kia Motors Corporation has revealed the first preview rendering of its latest concept car – called Ray – which will make its global debut at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show next month.
Styled by the team at Kia Design Centre America, the Kia Ray project was undertaken to demonstrate how Kia’s evolving design direction would be applied in the packaging of a plug-in hybrid vehicle.
The actual car will form the centre-piece of the Kia Motors America display at Chicago and the vehicle will contribute to Kia’s on-going development of alternative-fuel vehicles.
Already Kia has pioneered potentially real-life fuel cell vehicles and has working prototypes operating in California and Korea. Additionally Kia has various hybrid-engined vehicles providing real-world data in various locations and plans to commercialise Liquefied Petroleum Gas hybrid vehicles in Korea within the next 12 months.
Currently no date has been set for hybrid Kia models to be put on sale in the UK but on-road testing of petrol and diesel hybrid vehicles is due to start in Britain this year.

Via Green Car Reports

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The Kia company well little bit ahead of other car companies by introducing its new Ray concept and solar roof system. Ray can travel 50 miles on a full charged battery, really it’s a rocking concept.

Well, that Kia is a fantastic looking vehicle. I think they might have a winner with the solar panels in the roof. That was a concept waiting to happen…congrates to Kia. I will be waiting to take a test drive.

I bring about your blog on google and know a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google Scandal Reader. Keep up the skilled work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

I wish they would give us some idea of what the price might be.

Once again my come back to this web page i can’t stop myself to give a comment on your article about this lovely concept Kia. You know one of my friend who was visited the last Chicago auto show explained nicely about this car and he was become a fan of this model.

I like the most in this concept is one glass is used in all over the hood which make it more attractive.

Dominic Licausi

I heard the price is going to be about $26000, but the damn plug-in at the house will be about $3000.

Im getting it. 8D

I know the quality of KIA mainly from Colombia… and I just don’t eat it… it’s too bad.

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