The Phoenix SUV

The SUV is the favourite villan of the ecologically aware motorist, until now. Phoenix Motorcars is set to begin shipping the above SUT/SUV a little later this year, Phoenix has been through some rough times with chapter 11 being filed in mid-2009, an angel investor has stepped in and saved the company though and we are assured that the first SUT’s are on the way for a 2010 delivery.

Both the SUT and SUV are said to feature a 100-plus mile range, litium-titanate battery systems (the same basic system that will be used in the Lightning GT) that feature a 10 minute recharge time if you have access to an industrial -grade power socket. Phoenix is currently working on a 250 mile version to suit the longer range market and perhaps dip it’s toe into the towing-capable market. With both an SUT and an SUV available it will be interesting to watch this space and see how Phoenix progress. It is refreshing to see an EV manufacturer that focusses on keeping their head down and turning out vehicles instead of turning out renderings and chasing venture capital.


Propulsion system: liquid-cooled, 100 kW PowerPhase 100 electric traction motor
Top Speed: 120 mph
Zero-to-60: 10 seconds
Vehicle range: 100 miles
Fuel(s): Electricity
Battery system: : Lithium titanate NanoSafeā„¢ battery (off-board recharge: 10 minutes; on-board, 6 hours)
Tailpipe emissions: None


I do want one , and will get one !!! For a business ..

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