The Tazzari ZERO

The Italians are exceptionally good at making cars, if you take a look at any well compiled top 10 list of the greatest cars of all time at least 3-4 of them will be from Italy. The country famous for great food, beautiful women and fast cars has just started shipping its first EV, the Tazzari ZERO. This small two seater is designed for use in Europe, it’s small size makes it ideal for traversing the oftentimes small streets of ancient European cities. The body is all aluminium for the lighter weight and the drivetrain is a litium-ion powered, rear wheel drive 100% electric.

With an 88 mile range and a top speed of 56 miles per hour, this isn’t a highway machine but for people who need an urban runabout it is a brilliant alternative to the SmartCar.

Official Specfications

Body type 2-door
Length 2884 mm / 113,5″
Width 1550 mm / 61″
Height 1400 mm / 55″
Ground clearance 180 mm / 7″
Weight w/o batteries 400 kg / 882 lb
Weight w/batteries 542 kg / 1195 lb
Payload 195 kg / 430 lb
Maximum speed 80 km/h / 56 mph
Acceleration 0-31 mph < 5 seconds
Luggage capacity (litres) 2 luggage areas with 160 litre capacity
Estimated range / Economy drive 140 km / 88 miles
Tyres and wheels 175/55 R15
Type Li-ion Fe
Charging time 9 / 6,5 h – 80% in 50 min. (with 3-phase power supply)
Type Rear-wheel drive 3-phase motor
Maximum torque peak (Nm) 150
15″ alloy wheels – available in 3 colours: anthracite (standard) – white (optional) – black (optional)
Electronic anti-theft device with remote control and immobilizer
Window raiser – antipanic device – disconnectable siren (optional)
Radio stereo RDS with mp3 and CD player
Removable, venting ultraview sunroof
Eco-leather seats
LED tail lights
Rear fog lamp
Reversing light
Standard battery charger (standard) – charge time: 9 hrs. (single-phase power supply)
Multifast battery charger (optional) – charge time: 6 hrs. (single-phase power supply)
Superfast battery charger (optional) – charge time: 80% in 50 mins. (3-phase power supply)
Cup holders
12V outlet for phone recharge – Max 50W

Via Tazzari

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Not really bad for such a small car. I will love to have this as commuting car for every day, to go to work and come back. Just for that. Maybe it will even cost effective…

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