The Capstone Turbine CMT-380

It isn’t everyday that a car like this comes along, it uses a micro-turbine/electric drive-train that gets 42mpg whilst making the coolest sound that has come out of any car since the late 1960’s. Built by Capstone, a company known for their micro gas turbine generators, the CMT-380 is a concept car designed to get car manufacturers looking in their direction when sourcing the internal combustion element of their drivetrains. The car gets 500 miles on a tank, 0-60 mph in 3.9 seconds, 150 mph top speedĀ and the turbine is capable of running on more than just gasoline, ethanol, diesel or biodiesel and it does all of this whilst producing less tailpipe emissions than a Toyota Prius.

With look influenced by the GT-40 the CMT-380 would sell like hotcakes if put into limited production, even at a $100,000-plus price point. Sadly there are currently no plans for production so your only option for a vehicle like this is to pick up an Ultima GTR and do it yourself.

Via Capstone Turbine


That is a GTM right? I would rather have an Ulitma but in a pinch the GTM woul suffice :)

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