The Trexa Platform

Trexa is a new company based around the electric car platform you see above, the idea is simple and brilliant, develop an electric vehicle platform that can accept a multitude of vehicle bodies, thus allowing small “coach-builders” like we had around the beginning of the last century to build a wide variety of bodies that can be fitted to the platform. This removes the requirement for the coach-builder to develop a chassis or deal with electric motors/battery systems and just focus on the body itself. Trexa will be offering the platform in 3 sizes to suit everything from an SUV to a small sports car, the sizes will be 64″, 80″ and 96″ as well as offering a variety of ranges. The platform will be four wheel drive, will have full regenerative braking, will have support for range extenders and features an automatic two speed transmission.

Interestingly Trexa claim that the platform will feature open-source electronics, we can’t substantiate that just yet but it will be fascinating if true. The possibility also exists here that a Trexa owner could have two vehicle bodies, say an offroader and a sports car, then if then owner gets bored he or she can head over to the dealership and buy a new body for it and have the dealer fit it while you drink a coffee. Now that ‘s a vision of the electric future that I can get behind.

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Slap a seat and steering wheel on that and I’d buy it. I think the range is a little limited but I’m sure future versions will sort that out.

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