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The Hybrid Toyota RAV4

Toyota recently announced a hybrid version of its famous RAV4 SUV, coming in 2012 and also made it clear via a quote from Koei Saga, Toyota’s managing officer of hybrid system development, that “Toyota needs to accelerate the 2020 goal to hybridize all the Toyota models.” Having all of the models that Toyota builds running on gas/electric hybrid platforms as quickly as 2020 is quite some goal. Lanjut →

The Rolls Royce Ghost Hybrid

The Rolls Royce Ghost, an ever so slightly smaller Rolls than the venerable Phantom, will be offered with a hybrid drivetrain starting in 2011. The gas/electric hybrid will not be capable of plugging in to charge which is a shame, largely due to the lack of effective battery storage space at just 0.6kW/h of lithium-ion goodness. The Ghost Hybrid will be based around the 2010 BMW ActiveHybrid 7 platform, meaning it has been tried and tested about as thoroughly as you can test a vehicle platform. Lanjut →

The Lotus Powered Proton Plug-In Electric Hybrid

In a remarkably interesting move, the Malaysian car maker Proton have announce that they will be showing a plug-in electric vehicle with a drivetrain developed in-house at Lotus Engineering. The Italdesign 4 door Proton PHEV will be interesting to see however the real news here is the hybrid electric drivetrain developed by Lotus. This fully functioning hybrid vehicle platform is more than a little likely to show up in the Lotus product line sooner rather than later with the most likely offering being a plug-in hybrid Elise as early as late-2010/early-2011. Lanjut →

How Do Lithium Ion Batteries Work?

Electric vehicles are almost all powered by lithium ion batteries, yet most electric vehicle enthusiasts will be unable to tell you how a battery works. You ask any petrol-head how gasoline works and they’ll talk your ear off so we decided to put together a short, simple guide on what a lithium ion battery is and how it works. Lanjut →

The Mercedes F800

With 2 Mercedes cars covered in a week it seems that one of the worlds oldest car companies is taking the future seriously with plug-in hybrid or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles all coming out of Germany in time for the 2010 Geneva Motorshow. With obvious design cues from the current generation Mercedes Benz CLS-Class and an unsure-of-the-future offering of both a plug-in gas/electric and a hydrogen fuel-cell version on offer the brand new F800 is already raising eyebrows 2 weeks ahead of its Geneva Motorshow unveiling. Lanjut →

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