The Inaugural EMXGP

Imagine being able to go back in time and attend the first ever Formula 1 race, I don’t know about you but I’d leap at the chance, however in my current Plutonium/Doc/DeLorean-less condition I remain fixed in the present, which is why I was so happy to learn about the EMXGP. The EMXGP is the car version of the TTXGP electric motorcycle racing series that kicked off last year, to give you an idea of how young the all electric racing series is, we can’t even find a Wikipedia entry for it. The inaugural race is set for 126 days from now on the streets of Paris (they have an FIA sanctioned track already) and we will be attending the race. More details will be forthcoming as they become available.

Also, no word yet on entries but whoever designed the logo has a future in car design, I love it but the current love/hate split here at EV is about 50/50.

Official Press Release

World premiere for France – June 4/5/6, 2010
Electric Motorsports comes alive in a dazzling special event
With over 100,000 people expected over the weekend and a special city course built to FIA approved standards, EMXGP France 2010 promises to be a milestone motorsport event for zero carbon clean emission cars. It’s your chance to be part of the next generation and catch it at the dawn of a new day. We will be announcing details of the rules, track and arrangements through this site. This is your definitive destination for all things EMXGP. Please register below your interest and an EMXGP team member will be in touch with details of the programme and entry criteria.
If you love motorsports and you want to see what tomorrow might look like then France is your destination to be part of a once in a lifetime experience.
New Day, New Rules, New Game – Be Part of It.

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Does anyone know what EMXGP stands for? Will be interested to see who enters, whether it’ll be private or corporate entries etc etc

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