The Brammo Enertia

The Brammo Enertia is designed as an urban commuter and it fulfills that role relatively well. It’s recent price drop from $11,995 to $7,995 USD will go a very long way towards encouraging adoption, especially with the news that the bikes are eligible for a 10% federal tax credit dropping the price further to $7,195 USD. The bike features a very clean design, it almost looks like it could have rolled out of Apple Computers Cupertino Headquarters, with surprisingly high quality components (Brembo brakes,¬†Marzocchi forks and¬†Elka shocks) and a relatively light weight at 324 lbs / 145 Kg the Enertia is well known for its ease of use (there are no gears and no clutch to bother with).

In fact the only major drawback is the range. An average range of 42 miles / 68 kilometers may not be enough for some people, that’ll probably get you to work and back though so being used as a daily commuter (the massive majority of an average persons fuel expenses go on their daily commute) would be an option for most people, and would save them significant costs in both the fuel and maintenance expense area. Brammo placed 3rd in the inaugural TTGXP last year with a modified version of the Enertia called the Brammo Enertia TTR (pictured below in the center).

Now I don’t know about you but if that TTR was for sale for a reasonable sub-$10,000 price tag I would have it parked in my garage right now. Actually no, It wouldn’t be parked in my garage and I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this because I would be out pelting around back roads on it and I don’t think I’d be the only one. Essentially that’s what we need, a desirable, quick, electric motorcycle that looks great. So come on Brammo. Start selling the TTR already. I think you’ll find we’re ready.

Manufacturers Product Statement Below:

Emphasizing the attributes that expose the joy of motorcycling, the Enertia eliminates features and characteristics that can cause intimidation and complexity in traditional motorcycles. Celebrating the spirit, fun and approachability of the simple, lightweight motorcycle, which has a magical place in transportation history, was a primary design goal for the Enertia. A blend of old school purist themes and new school technology, the Enertia strikes a perfect balance between the familiar and the future of motorcycling.
The Enertia 100% electric motorcycle was designed from the beginning to be environmentally friendly. At just $7,995 the Enertia makes it easy to save money and the environment. Here are some of the ways that BRAMMO and the Enertia keep the world clean:
  • 100% electrical motor; no gasoline, motor oil, or other petrochemicals
  • Manufactured in the United States with 100% clean energy
  • Uses recycled materials in many components
  • Production requires less than 10% of the material resources needed for an average car
  • The Enertia powercycle can be recycled
  • The Enertia’s Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are very safe and do not contain any heavy metals
  • The Enertia’s batteries can be recycled for many other uses
  • BRAMMO is a 100% clean technology company

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Not so sure about the green and the range really needs a kick in the pants. 100 miles should be a bare minimum. Nice looking bike though.

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