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When I first saw a rendering of the Mission One bike I loved it, I mean it looked like something Luke Skywalker would park outside his bachelour pad, but I felt that there was no way the rendering was going to be translated directly into a finished product. We’ve all seen it many times before, a company that creates a prototype vehicle or rendering that makes your jaw drop when you lay eyes on it only to totally lose the beauty of the original design in the finished showroom floor ready product. This phenomenon has always bothered me a great deal. Why not just produce the vehicle to the same specs as the prototype/rendering? Well, Mission One did exactly that. Already having won multiple design awards as well as having the quickest electric motorcycle currently available on the international market, Mission One has a bright future ahead of it. The current price tag of $68,995 USD will slow some of us down but as production capacity increases the pricing will creep down. Current performance specs for the bike are remarkable in their own right but I have a feeling that if I had one I would park it in my living room and just look at it.


Top Speed 159 Mph

Range 150 Miles

Charging Time Under 2 Hours @ 240V (8 Hours @ Std 120V)

Weight Not listed.

Cost $68,995 USD

Official Blurb

The Mission One represents a revolution in motorcycle and electric vehicle performance. Mission Motors’ advanced electric powertrain makes the Mission One the first electric sportbike to power wheelie at 70 mph. It powers the Mission One a top speed of 150 mph. And its proprietary battery technology gives riders the freedom to travel 150 miles on a single charge.
The Mission One integrates a custom-built chassis with suspension elements selected for race level handling and performance. The 2010 model Mission One comes equipped with: Ohlins inverted front forks, Ohlins fully adjustable shock, Brembo 4 piston monobloc calipers, Marchesini wheels, and race compound tires.
The Mission One creates a whole new level of rider control. With a fully equipped data acquisition system and wireless communication capability, riders can capture and analyze real time ride data. Riders have the power to adjust throttle maps, tune regenerative braking, and create multiple ride settings, all from their laptop computer.
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Have these actually started shipping yet? Beautiful bike but I’ll believe it when I see it parked outside Starbucks. Until then they could still drop the ball.

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