The Mavizen TTX02

The Mavizen is a remarkable looking machine, it may even look vaguely familiar as it shares a base platform with the barely sub-sonic KTM RC8 super bike. Interestingly and perhaps in a sign of things to come this bike packs more computing power than the average 13 year olds bedroom with an onboard Linux based dashboard computer that runs its own Apache web server for telemetry transmission and can connect to nearby wireless networks. No word yet on whether you can park it in Starbucks and check your email but I’ll keep you posted. Twin electric motors push out just under 100 horsepower and the battery packs will give you 11 kilowatt hours worth of high speed pant soiling fun, that should be enough to cover the 38 mile TTXGP Isle of Man course at a decent pace. Pricing is not yet set in stone but expect to drop about 50,000 USD to get your own…

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