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The Venturi Volage

Love it or hate it the Venturi Volage is without question a sign of things to come. The styling of the car is said to have been “shaped by the wind” which I am assuming is fancy Monaco-talk for aerodynamic. The technological innovations in this car are quite significant though, with two electric motors per wheel (one for the suspension and one for power) the Volage also features touch screens inside that allow the driver to configure the car to their current whim. The projected range is about 200 miles (320 Kms) and it’ll drag you from 0-62mph (100 kmph) in 5 seconds, or at least it will in 2012 when the very limited production is set to begin in the teeny-tiny-principality of Monaco. And no, there is no price listed as yet although we fear the very sight of all those zeros would cause our eyes to bleed. Click through for more pics and the press release. Lanjut →

The Inaugural EMXGP

Imagine being able to go back in time and attend the first ever Formula 1 race, I don’t know about you but I’d leap at the chance, however in my current Plutonium/Doc/DeLorean-less condition I remain fixed in the present, which is why I was so happy to learn about the EMXGP. The EMXGP is the car version of the TTXGP electric motorcycle racing series that kicked off last year, to give you an idea of how young the all electric racing series is, we can’t even find a Wikipedia entry for it. Lanjut →

The Yuneec E430

Electric aircraft are very much at the Kitty Hawk/Wright Flyer stage of development and to give you an idea of how interesting this space is, the first commercially available electric aircraft is almost certainly going to be the The Yuneec E430 (pronounced “unique”). Yuneec is a mainland chinese manufacturer of electric remote controlled helicopters, essentially toys (albeit toys that can potentially decapitate a grown man), so a foray into commercial full scale aircraft production is a big step, significantly bigger than it would be for a company like Cessna or Beechcraft. Why is this? Lanjut →

The Brammo Enertia

The Brammo Enertia is designed as an urban commuter and it fulfills that role relatively well. It’s recent price drop from $11,995 to $7,995 USD will go a very long way towards encouraging adoption, especially with the news that the bikes are eligible for a 10% federal tax credit dropping the price further to $7,195 USD. The bike features a very clean design, it almost looks like it could have rolled out of Apple Computers Cupertino Headquarters, with surprisingly high quality components (Brembo brakes,¬†Marzocchi forks and¬†Elka shocks) and a relatively light weight at 324 lbs / 145 Kg the Enertia is well known for its ease of use (there are no gears and no clutch to bother with). Lanjut →

The Tesla Roadster

Tesla is quite probably the most well known manufacturer of electric vehicles in the world and for good reason, it has produced a brilliant car. The Tesla Roadster has chassis borrowed directly from the Lotus Elise which has a place on every intelligently thought out top 10 list of best sports cars in history. They chose the Lotus chassis for its racing pedigree but also for its ultra light weight, Tesla has added a much more luxurious interior, added a 288 HP (215 kW) electric motor that peaks at 14,000 rpm as well as a computer controlled battery array that can take you 244 miles (393 kilometers) before requiring more juice. Lanjut →

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